Global StartupCities eHealth Program 2022

About the Program

 This Multi-stage EU eHealth start-ups competition is a chapter of the Global StartupCity Cluj-Napoca affiliated with the Center for Health Innovation HIVE and it’s designed to help early stage health innovation entrepreneurs transform their ideas into world changing companies, faster and smarter.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to grow their business skills and global network through carefully designed trainings, mentoring sessions and evaluation stages. Start-ups who successfully complete the program will be able to take their venture to the next level!

The program includes 4 different stages the startups must get through in order to win the prize: 1-year mentoring by a high-profile IT Company offering tech support and 1-year support for pilot and validation within the healthcare system. 

3-9 October 2022: Solution Validation Workshops by Linnify

10 October 2022: Scientific Validation

11-13 October 2022: Mentoring (Tech, Business, Health)

17 October 2022: Final Evaluation

Solution Validation Workshops by Linnify

Applied workshops to touch the essential points that go into validating the need for a solution on the market.

Idea exploration – where we understand and define the problem we are solving the solution we have in mind and for whom.

  • What does it solve and for whom?
  • Output – problem statement and target market.

Market research – in which we analyze the market quantitatively and qualitatively.

  • How big and painful is the problem? And how is it currently solved?
  • Output – The size, value and trends of the market. User persona, scenarios and journey. Competitor analysis.

Unique value – where we establish the unique value proposition.

  • Why would your target market come to you to solve their problem?
  • Output – Competitor positioning map and reach. Value proposition panel. Lean canvas model.

Ideation – where we detail the concrete ways in which the solution will deliver the unique value proposition.

  • How will the solution concretely deliver a unique value proposition?
  • Output – Why and vision. Product idea map. Solution outlines.

Validation – where we set out the details of the validation experiment.

  • How can we effectively validate the need for the solution?
  • Output – Hypothesis and validation metrics. Scenario of the experiment. Timing and resources based on impact/effort matrix analysis. Initial pitch with a clear demand.

The first part of the day: Intro, Overview validation process, Exploration of the problem/challenge

During day one, in the first part of the day, the participants will have an overview of the following days and will start the exploration of the problem their product idea wants to solve. 

The training, facilitated by Linnify, will start at 12:00 and have a sharp-focused hour and a half of learning how to best understand and define the underlying need the participants are trying to solve. 


The second part of the day: Market research workshop

During the second part of day one, Linnify’s training will focus on market research. From 15:00, the participants will get a clear understanding of the space in which they want to bring their unique value. Firstly, they will learn how to perform qualitative research and quantitative research for their ideas. Then they will have the opportunity to conduct their competitor analysis based on the advice given during the workshop and will learn more about other types of useful analysis that contribute to a clear vision building of their product.

During the following days of the validation workshop week, Tuesday to Friday, the participants, with support from Linnify’s mentors, will conduct their market validation based on the knowledge they acquired after the first day. 

They will get to know their specific markets and deduct how to better interact with them.

After the participants will have conducted their market validation processes, and thus get a clear vision of their audiences’ needs and habits, in the second part of the day on Friday, starting at 16:00, another essential workshop phase will be held: the Unique Value definition for their products. 

If up to this point the participants have gotten to know their market, during this part of the training, they will be taught three new approaches to Competitor Analysis. Based on what they have learned about their audience and their competitors, they will now be able to see their Unique Value. To make sure the Unique Value will act as a strong foundation for their product, the participants will receive guidance through two techniques on how to state it in such a way. As a core result of this, the participants will be able to establish their Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

The first part of the day

During the first part of the day on Saturday, Linnify’s training, starting at 10:00, will continue with the Ideation part of the workshop. The ideation session will put into light their goals, challenges, and how to address those. They will manage to create their product idea map, and cluster any other additional information they might want to integrate into their products. This session will also provide methodologies on how to better position themselves and thus decide on the main target for their upcoming validation session later in the day.


The second part of the day 

The second part of Saturday will engage the participants in the final phase of the training – the Validation workshop. In this session from 16:00 on, the goal is to define how the participants can measure the interest of their audience based on their chosen target – the essential part of their product. They will be able to shift their mindsets in such ways that they can break down the big goal into a smaller one that can be measured and given feedback. 

The final day of Linnify’s Validation Workshop week will wrap up with the pitching sessions of the participants. Given their intense days of identifying their product’s core aspects, their markets, and their competitors, the participants will now be able to deliver a clear pitch on what their product wants to solve and how, while differentiating themselves from their competition. 

Scientific Validation Workshop

Moderator: Răzvan Cherecheș


The Startups will have the opportunity to participate in 3 general sessions of mentoring: Technical mentoring, Business Mentoring and Health mentoring, on a 6-day period. 

These sessions will provide expertise for evidence base check, soundness of vision, the fitness of purpose (on the health area), easibility, capacity, compatibility (on tech area) and business plan, cashflow projection, market position (on business area).

The startups will have the freedom to select the professionals they want, based on a predefined booking list provided by the organizers.

Final Pitch

Our ultimate aim is to make sure that, at the end of this program, everyone involved, takes away something of value and comes out with an enriched perspective. To this end, the judges will be looking at specific points in order to evaluate the startups, and choose the best startup pitch.

The participant startups will introduce their business idea to the jury, on the 17th of October, for the final evaluation.

Why Participate?

  1. Grow your business skills, refine your value proposition and prepare your pitch for the global markets
  2. Connect to a global network of domain experts, business executives, entrepreneurs and investors
  3. Gain global visibility and accreditation
  4. Receive practical knowledge through hands-on workshops and mentoring
  5. Win mentoring for 1 year
  6. Be part of the HIVE Network and gain early access to our international events

Who Should Apply?

Startups in the Health field, in various stages of development following ideation and concepting;

Individuals or teams that consider it would be an opportunity for them to meet the Cluj-Napoca Health, AI-IoMT, MedTech ecosystem, and get help in furthering the journey of their Start-Up;

Innovative and promising business concepts;


  • 1-year mentoring by an established IT Company- tech support
  • 1-year support for pilot and validation within the healthcare system
  • Training program on grant writing and how to access funding





18:30-19:30 🕙 TrainingImplementation science in health systems
Trainer: Razvan Chereches

18:00-19:00 🕓 TrainingInnovation in healthcare and social services
Trainer: Ion Gheorghe Petrovai


18:00-19:00 – Welcome & program presentation
19:00-20:00 – Ideas presentation
20:00-21:00 – Training: Pitching for innovation in healthcare – Razvan Chereches

09:00-09:30 – Coffee & Q&A
10:00-14:00 – Mentoring
17:00-18:30 – Final pitches
19:00 – Prizes & closing

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