EIT i-Days 2022:
NeuRO Innovations

What are i-Days?

The i-Days event, powered by EIT Health, focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare and associated domains. i-Days also provide a good environment to nurture soft skills such as teamwork and communication. This year, HIVE Innovation Center, through EIT Health i-DAYS 2022, brings in the public attention one of the most studied topics: neurology and neurosciences. 

Currently, there are a wide variety of neural issues, brain cell degenerative affections, neurological disabilities, nervous system illness etc. and the patients diagnosed with these kind of problems have limited ways of treatment, as well as preventing them requires updated solutions, examination ways and upgraded devices.

EIT i-Days 2022: NeuRO Innovations

EIT i-Days 2022: NeuRO Innovations is the 4th hackathon in a row organized by HIVE Innovation Center and EIT Health, in which young minds have the opportunity to present innovative approaches for current neuro issues, under professional mentorship and inter-curricular environment.

About the Hackathon:

This hackathon will be a 2-day event, ONLINE, hosted by HIVE Innovation. The hackathon will concentrate on neuro issues, having few broad challenges as guidance (these challenges will be soon published). In the 2 days, participants will be able to receive mentoring from various domains (IT, healthcare, business, e-Health, innovation etc.) and to create conceptual innovative ideas to improve current neuro related issues. These 2 days will be preceded by 2 training sessions, so the participants will acquire few new soft skills and knowledge.


28-29 October 2022 + 2 days a priori for trainings (1h/day)


Online (ZOOM and Discord)

Registration deadline 23 October

The participation will be done on teams.  Each team can contain 2-5 people each, preferably from at least 2 different areas (eg: IT/soft dev/computational sciences and medicine/pharmacy/nursing etc.).

Participants can register by pre-formed teams or individuals and we will organize a team formation before the hackathon. 

 Click on the “REGISTER NOW” button and accept the challenge and improve the current neuro related issues.


18:00-19:30 🕙 Training Pitching your idea
Trainer: Razvan Chereches

18:00-19:00 🕓 Training → Innovation in healthcare and patient management
Trainer: Ion Gheorghe Petrovai


18:00-19:00 – Welcome & program presentation

19:00-20:00 – Ideas presentation

09:00-09:30 – Coffee & Q&A

10:00-14:00 – Mentoring

Working hours

17:00-18:30 – Final pitches

19:00 – Prizes & closing


1st -1000 euro

2nd – 500 euro

Event Steps

  1. Event registration;
  2. Pick a challenge for your team and form an innovative idea;
  3. Mentorship and validation
  4. Polish the innovative idea
  5. Idea pitching & jury evaluation
  6. Win one of our prizes