Hackathon - the eHealth Networking Days 2022

about the event

The CONNECT and HIVE teams designed this ON-SITE event to educate and inspire university students and graduates to tackle Europe’s Latest Digital Health and Care challenges.
This competition among student multidisciplinary teams encourages a new generation of health innovators. We welcome students from any University in Romania to the eHealth Networking Days – Hackathon on May 20-21!

Join us on 20-21 May 2022!

How to participate?

You will register by getting your free ticket and you will join a multidisciplinary team. Based on the proposed challenges, you and your team will choose one of them and you will have one day to work on the project with the support of the mentors and trainings offered to tackle real life healthcare challenges. 


This hackathon is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in healthcare innovation, especially on the eHealth branch. You will be part of a multidisciplinary team challenged to find ingenious and efficient solutions to the most interesting digital healthcare challenges.

What will be the benefits of participation ?

You will receive support and mentorship from key experts and invaluable networking opportunities. By taking part in this hackathon, you’ll gain new soft skills, explore practical training, receive a participation certificate and have the chance to win one of our prizes!


The hackathon is designed as a 2 days event, starting on 20 of May and ending in 21 May. This will be an ON-SITE event, held at the Department of Public Health BBU Cluj-Napoca

Registration deadline: 10th of May


18:00 – 18:30  Welcome & program presentation 

18:30 – 19:30  Introduction

19:30 – Ideas presentations

8:00-8:30 Coffee + Q&A

8:30-16:00 Working hours

9:00-9:30 Training- Pitching your solution

12:00-12:30 Q&A

10:00-14:00 Mentoring Sessions

18:00-19:00 Final Pitches

19:00 Prizes & closing ceremony


Below you can find the challenges of this Hackathon



Tech4life team:

🏆 Andrei Nicolescu
🏆 Ana-Maria Voineag
🏆 Andrei Mladenovici

Tele-Tubbies team:

🏆 Jasmin Arif
🏆 Ata Bashimov